Escapism Series 2017

The Escapism Series draws inspiration from childhood memories and semi-remembered dreams. Robyn says, "Whereas I've heard that people often dream of flying, my dreams as a child mostly involved being on or under the sea. Even now, when I escape into daydreams, I usually imagine myself relaxing on a boat in the middle of the ocean." 
This series is an escape into a semi-unreal world of dreams, and seeks to encourage the increase of daydreaming in everyday life.
Well, what's your dream?

The Kingdom of God series 2016

'The Kingdom of God' is a small but provocative range of jewellery that crawls over the line between fine art and craft. The controversial title is a reference to the teachings of Jesus in which he compares the kingdom of God to a great treasure buried in a field, which a man sells everything to purchase.
In these jewellery pieces, we see humanity from a God-like perspective: humans become mere insects. But these are precious insects that are valuable because they belong to the Kingdom of God. 
To read more about this collection, follow this link to my blog.

The Squid and The Boat-Man series 2013

To think it all began with a rough sketch I drew of a giant squid/octopus meeting a man on a boat... 
The necklace, 'Meeting of Two Curious Creatures,' was sold at an ArtAid charity auction in Belfast, and went on to spawn a bracelet and two pairs of earrings (one for commission). Then, in 2017, the latest squid-inspired piece was made, this time including two 9ct gold jump-rings - one of which acts as the clasp: hooking onto the squid's tentacle (this is currently for sale at the NCCD gallery in Sleaford).



Degree Work 2009 - 2012


Brooches & Bracelets